Parent Voices Videos

Hear Why Parents Choose Rosebank

Kim Amsilli & Anthony Davis
When we walked in, it was bright, people were smiling, there were kids walking down the hall. For me, we chose Rosebank because of the feeling from the tour. We couldn’t be happier and it certainly has exceeded our expectations.
Tequila Johnson
The thing that I like the most is that there is diversity here. Everything that I stand for is equity. It is making sure people have opportunities, making sure people are aware of those opportunities and making sure we support people’s decisions when they pick which opportunities they want. And so for me, it was very important that equity was not just reflected in the students or the teaching staff in terms of race but also socioeconomic status.
Mikah Stuible
We feel so secure with the foundational things that are important to us – like the kids feeling safe and secure and learning the basics early and competent teachers. It’s been really cool that they’re exposed to higher level information and thinking skills and building and planning skills and really fun and exciting opportunities.
Councilwoman Kyonzte Toombs
Parents should send their kids to Rosebank because they’re going to be safe, they’re going to be loved, their best interest is going to be looked out for, the teachers care, the principal cares, the administrative staff cares. There’s a community that surrounds Rosebank to make sure Rosebank has what it needs and that all of the kids are receiving a quality education.