A Brief History Of Rosebank

Rosebank's Beginnings

In the early 1950's, residents in the Rosebank community were excited with the news that a new school was being built in the area.  Would you believe some of the homes stood on dairy land?

In September 1954, the doors of Rosebank Elementary School were opened to a group of young students.  Rosebank at that time was a 1st - 6th grade school with a faculty of 6 teachers.  The first principal was Mr. Forrest Marker.

Once the school was open, it became apparent that more was needed.  The Board of Education could not provice a telephone in the school because of low enrollment.  Mrs. John Porter, the first PTA President along with parents and teachers held money-making projects and a telephone was installed, shrubbery purchased and planted, and a playground area was cleared and equipped.

In 1956 although the building seemed large, we added 4 primary classrooms.  In 1958, additional 8 classrooms were added.  The parents planted trees, bought new library books and mothers donated days in the clinic.

The year 1998 brought a devastating tornado through the East Nashville area.  During this time Rosebank Elementary was a K - 6th grade school.  As the enrollment grew over the years, we needed more space, so we added portable classrooms in the back area of the school.  However, several of them were damaged by the tornado and the decision was made to add more classrooms and a gym to the existing building.

In the summer of 2016, a two-year renovation project of the school began, then ended with a ribbon cutting ceremony on August 30, 2018.  Mayor Briley, previous Director of Schools Dr. Shawn Joseph, and two of our previous principals, Dr. Karen Barron and Mr. Rick Binkley were some of our distinguished guests in attendance.